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(757) 904-1220

Monthly Wine Subscription

I look forward to traveling the world with you through a glass of wine as we discover eclectic wines, regions, and producers every month.

Wines are available the  2nd Friday of the month. Pick up your wines in the store  or get FREE delivery to your home. Pick all whites, all reds, or mix it up!
I'm ready! Sign Me Up!

The Perks

10% off wine added to your monthly subscription order on pick up or delivery day!

20% off re-orders of monthly subscription wine selections until the end of the month!

Invitations to special tasting events!

You can sign up anytime, change your membership anytime, and cancel anytime!
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Level 1

The Tribe Membership

2 Bottles: $40/mo.
4 Bottles: $70/mo.
Best Deal

Grand Cru Membership

2 Bottles: $85/mo.
4 Bottles: $155/mo.
Level 2

Premier Cru Membership

2 Bottles: $55/mo.
4 Bottles: $95/mo.
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