Virtual Events

Weekly wine education classes hosted live on YouTube. Anyone can tune in for free, and you can order the featured wines to taste from the comfort of your own home. Order your 4-pack for our next class by emailing

Virtual Class: Cabernet Franc Lovers Unite!

Hosted live on YouTube June 10: 6:30-8pm

Whether you are a hardcore Francophile (lover of Cabernet Franc) or just starting to explore the grape, you need these wines in your life! Join us and find out why Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite grill-out grapes!

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Virtual Class: Sauvignon Blanc Lovers Unite!

Hosted live on YouTube June 17: 6:30-8pm

Sauvignon Blanc has so many personalities, it's hard to believe it's the same grape when you taste them side-by-side! Join us to discover the many faces of Sauvignon Blanc.

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Virtual Class: Grenache Lovers Unite!

Hosted live on YouTubeJune 24: 6:30-8pm


Grenache is my guilty pleasure wine. Tune in to find out why!

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