Virtual Class: Old Vines

Hosted LIVE on YouTube

Thursday, May 6


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What makes Old Vines so special? What is considered "old" for vines? Do some vines age better than others? How long do vines live? These are just a few of the questions we will answer in the first class of May. It's my birthday month so the month-long theme is everything OLD!

Pictured above is a VERY old vine in Campania, Italy. The vines in this vineyard were planted in the late 1800's and were trellised up high to allow for the subsistence famers to plant other crops on the same soils and maximize the use of the land. Notice how thick the vine trunk is- almost like a tree! While the wine producers no longer plant other crops on the same soils, they do allow wild vegetation to grow to help prevent erosion and create a more eco-friendly environment.

Anyone can tune in for free and you will learn loads of useful information, but if you want to participate by tasting the same wines you can purchase the 4-pack of wines that will include tasting sheet packets so you can follow along.

4-Pack of wines: $120 with free local delivery

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