Virtual Class: Old Regions

Hosted LIVE on YouTube

Thursday, May 27


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Here in the "New World" we consider a winery with lots of history and tradition if it has been around for more than 50 years. In the "Old World" their traditions of winemaking go back thousands of years! For this class, we will taste through 4 wines that come from some of the oldest wine regions on earth! There is always something to be learned and appreciated by looking back.

Back before barrels were used to ferment and age wine, wine was fermented stored in pots like these! Some winemakers are still making their wines in amphora and others are going back to the practice!

Anyone can tune in for free and you will learn loads of useful information, but if you want to participate by tasting the same wines you can purchase the 4-pack of wines that will include tasting sheet packets so you can follow along.

4-Pack of wines: $120 with free local delivery

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