Virtual Class: Old Favorites

Hosted LIVE on YouTube

Thursday, May 13


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Vino Culture began in September of 2018. While it has changed so much especially in the light of COVID-19, one thing has remained constant- I taste a LOT of wines and am always discovering new finds to bring into your life! However, there are a few wines that I keep going back to because they are just so delicious and over-deliver for the price. The vintages might have changed, but the quality remains the same on these 4 wines. Taste through some of my Old Favorites and see for yourself why I keep going back to these wines!

Pictured above is the first sketch of my logo! I had a lot of fun conceptualizing where Vino Culture would go in the time ahead, and I am so glad it brought YOU into my life!

Anyone can tune in for free and you will learn loads of useful information, but if you want to participate by tasting the same wines you can purchase the 4-pack of wines that will include tasting sheet packets so you can follow along.

4-Pack of wines: $120 with free local delivery

Email to order

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