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Thanksgiving Day Wine Packages!

Tis the Season & Gratitude is the Reason!

Between Thanksgiving Dinner and Friendsgiving, host gifts and gifts to yourself for making it through without losing your cool, wine to sip while prepping and cleaning and wine to guzzle while you eat leftovers, you definitely need to stock up on wine! 


The Tribe 6-Pack: Mix It Up

$120 (normally $133)

Bubbles: Almacita Brut: Tupungato, Argentina $20 - to take the edge off cleaning, prepping, and seeing the in-laws, chug a glass of this delightful sparkling Chardonnay! Also delicious as an aperitif to sip with appetizers with its creamy bubble structure and bright fruits.

Rosé: Fableist Rosé Blend 2021: Central Coast, California $25 - so tasty especially with all the bitter green things on the table like kale, collards, green beans … not to mention your cousin who complains about everything! 

White: Domaine Boutet Saunier Vouvray Sec 2020: Loire Valley, France $24 - This Chenin Blanc is unctuous and round, just like you'll feel after the second (or third) helping of buttered rolls! Best paired with the casserole style bite- a little bit of everything! Everything except your dad forever making jokes about how "you have to click the tongs to make sure they work" while he cooks! 

Red: Famille Lançon “La Solitude” Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge 2020: Rhône, France $21 - Pairs with almost everything and a great easy drinker. It appeases all palates and is super cheerful, just like the middle child in the family.

Red: La Quercia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riserva 2018: Abruzzo, Italy $28 - This wine is so darn delicious and easy drinking! Bold structure with smoky undertones and raisinated fruit. Perfect for the ham specifically, and I you do a "leftover smorgasbord" sandwich grilled on a pan with extra butter for the bread, this is your wine!

Red: Peirano Estate Vineyards Syrah 2019: California $21 - Deep notes of olives and black cherries along with pepper and spice. Perfect to sip on while you zone out listening to your mom talk about how you need to find a man and settle down already!

The Tribe 6-Pack: All Reds

swap the above bubbles/rosé/white for these reds: Still $120

Red: Field Recordings “Wonderwall” Pinot Noir 2020: Central Coast, California $25 - When you need to find something to agree with while talking to the ‘friend of a friend’ who is always pulling you into a political debate, pour this wine and you’ll both agree that it is delicious and goes with everything on your plate! Also the perfect host gift since everyone loves it!

Red: Nicosia “Sabbie di Sutta” Frappato 2021: Sicily, Italy $24 - This wine is bone dry (like your uncle’s sense of humor) but its tart red fruit acts like the cranberry sauce on your plate. So if you’re like many people and don’t love the cranberry sauce, use this instead to lift and refresh your palate from all the dense, heavy foods. 

Red: Merceron-Martin Coteaux d’Ancenis 2020: Loire Valley, France $16 - I have a secret to tell you: I always have a stash of wine somewhere that I can go sip on in silence to escape the chaos of Thanksgiving- this year, this will be my secret stash wine. It will pair perfectly with the foods as well though with it’s bright and lively red-fruit flavors. It is also great to share with your siblings who chug it back so fast you don’t want to serve them the expensive stuff!

The Premier Cru 4-Pack: Mix It Up

$110 (normally $125)

Bubbles: Elisabetta Abrami Franciacorta Brut: Lombardy, Italy $33 - This wine is such a gorgeous food pairing wine. If you’re like me, you might kick off Thanksgiving Day with some oysters on the half shell, and paired with this wine you’ll be in heaven! You can also wake up your palate halfway through the dense foods with a glass of this before you go back in for seconds!

White: Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup "Cuvée de Sainte-Agnès" 2021: Languedoc, France $36 - This is the white to pour to your friends who think they don’t like white wines! Also with so many haunted stories about this winery, you can sip on it while chatting with your family about the ‘horrors of your childhood,’ only passive aggressively asking for an apology from your sister for how she stole your shirt in high school.

Red: Greg La Follette “GLF” Pinot Noir 2020: North Coast, California $33 - to pair with the turkey smothered in made-from-scratch gravy, sausage stuffing (or dressing, whatever you call it) and a dollop of cranberry sauce (or a slice for you savages who serve it from a can)—my mouth is watering just thinking about it! This wine is like drinking liquid silk and you won’t find someone who doesn’t like it!

Red: Domaine Fenouillet “Les Terres Blanches” Rouge: Rhône, France $25 - While Pinot Noir is the classic pairing, I love Grenache blends from the south of France with my meal. For one, the peppery notes with the candied strawberries play so nicely with the foods, and secondly, the alcohol can be quite high on these wines (even though it doesn’t taste like it) so it helps take the edge off any stressful moments!

The Premier Cru 4-pack: All Reds

swap the above bubbles/rosé/white for these reds: Still $110

Red: Domaine Barovo Rouge 2019: Tikveš, North Macedonia $42 - I always double fist my wines on Thanksgiving. I have 2 wines in front of me always: one to lift and brighten, and the other to sink into. This is my sinking wine. Deep and rich with bold fruits that soften the grippy tannins, perfect to carry you into dessert and naps on the couch. 

Red: Seppeltsfield Grenache 2020: Barossa, Australia $25 - Imported by the two Master Sommeliers we just did an event with, you can share this wine with your more nerdy family and friends. Talk about the history of colonialism and how Australia was settled, how Barossa is home to the world’s oldest Grenache vines, why Grenache tastes so different based on where it it is grown, and who has seen the docu-series “Uncorked” starring Jane Lopes and Jon Ross, the two Master Sommeliers who import this wine! Its red fruit and floral bouquet are just lovely!

The Grand Cru 2-Pack: Mix It Up

$105 (normally $119)

Bubbles: Champagne Pierre Paillard "Les Parcelles" Extra Brut Grand Cru Bouzy 2017: Champagne, France $70 - This isn’t to chug to take the edge off or to serve to your guests who think Korbel is the best sparkling wine in the world. This is the wine you sip when you can finally find the moment to slow down and see the beauty of this holiday- a whole day to reflect on what you are thankful for- wow! Take this time to think about 3 things that you are truly and deeply thankful for and savor this moment, for if you’re like me, it’s not often you drink Grand Cru breathtaking Champagne like this!

Red: Paul Autard Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2019: Rhône Valley, France $49 - Like I said before, I double fist with my Thanksgiving Dinner; I always have a wine to lift and brighten the foods, and a wine to deepen and sink into. This wine oddly does both! The savory herbaceous notes of the wine along with the cranberry and cooked strawberry notes add lift, but the peppery and leather and smoke deepen the flavors on the table. Every swirl of the glass will bring new flavors, just like how conversation with your favorite brother (you know you have one) is constantly evolving as the day goes on.

The Grand Cru 2-Pack: All Reds

Swap the sparkling above for this red: Still $105

Red: Domaine Dureuil-Janthial Rully Rouge 2019: Burgundy, France $70 - If you have a big and chaotic Thanksgiving Day like I do, think about starting this tradition: when you gather around the leftovers with the smaller, more intimate group of people, less distractions and noise, that’s when you open this bottle of wine. Decant it for a while, but when you have your leftover plate, sink in and really think about how the wine makes the food better (no offense to you and your family’s cooking) and the food makes the wine better! 

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