Ver Sacrum Garnacha 2018: Mendoza, Argentina

Grapes: Garnacha (Grenache)

Region/History Notes: While everyone might know Mendoza as a wine region in Argentina, the smaller sub-regions are just now starting to gain their own recognition. This is crucial since Mendoza is a massive region that is responsible for over 70% of the entire country’s wine production. Los Chacayes is one of the newest designated sub regions within the Uco Valley and is very high elevation- around 4,000 ft! 

Tasting Notes: This wine is a unique expression of Grenache! Very, VERY pale in concentration but loaded with wild flowers and candied red fruit on the nose. A little sprinkling of herbs and a peppery spice on the palate and surprising amount of tannic grip. Pair with herb encrusted salmon, spinach dip, or my summer favorite- grilled sausages with sauerkraut. Serve closer to 60 degrees and enjoy this red even outside on a warm day.

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