Treveri Demi-Sec Gewürztraminer: Columbia Valley, Washington

Grapes: Gewürztraminer

Region/History Notes: When sparkling wines are made, there is often a “dosage” added after the second fermentation (what gives it bubbles). The dosage is sugar added to soften the sometimes harsh acidity of the wine. “Brut” means dry, but“Extra Dry” is confusingly sweeter than Brut, and “Demi-Sec” means there is noticeable sweetness in  the wine without being dessert-wine sweet.

Tasting Notes: Crisp and refreshing with tight bubbles and an expressive nose, Treveri always makes delicious sparkling wines. Use as an aperitif wine to get your palate revved up, or drink with spicy foods to calm the heat- think cajun foods or spicy tacos! 

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