Treveri Blanc de Blancs Brut Zero: Columbia Valley, Washington

Grapes: Chardonnay

Region/History Notes:  When sparkling wines are made, there is often a “dosage” added after the second fermentation (the fermentation that gives it bubbles). The dosage is sugar added to soften the sometimes harsh acidity of the wine. “Brut” means dry, but can actually have up to 12g of sugar per liter. “Extra Dry” is confusingly sweeter than Brut, allowing for up to 17g. But “Brut Nature or Brut Zero” do not allow for ANY sugar to be added, making it of the lowest calorie wine out there and it’s delicious! 

Tasting Notes: Crisp and refreshing with tight bubbles and an expressive nose, Treveri always makes delicious sparkling wines. Use as an aperitif wine to get your palate revved up or pair with oysters or Boursin cheese and crackers.

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