Thierry Tissot Altesse “Mataret” 2014: Bugey, France

Grapes: Altesse (AKA Roussette)

Region/History Notes: Bugey is not the most well-known region in France but certainly one of my favorites for interesting white wine. Local growers produce some obscure grape varieties like this one: Altesse (AKA Roussette) that can age for quite a long time! This 2014 vintage Altesse is still vibrant and could age for another 5-7 years easily.

Tasting Notes: Bright acid, intense minerality, slight bitterness, but with this voluptuous texture that just draws you in! This wine is 6 years old and not showing it at all, lots of life ahead if you want to age it. Melon, apricot, tangerines, and yellow flowers all woven together with a chalky minerality and lemon pith finish. Let it open up and don’t drink it too fast, it will continue to develop. Pair with pork dishes or something that has a smoky component, sea-bass or other steaky fish, or kabobs with pineapple and roasted onions.