The Piedmont Guy "Ercole" Rosato 2020: Italy

Grape: Barbera/Dolcetto

Region/History Notes: The Piedmont Guy is both a wine importer and a wine-maker- not just one person but a group. They exclusively work with boutique family owned wineries in Piedmont for the labels they imports. The “Ercole” label is produced by a co-op of growers in the area committed to making excellent wine at affordable price ranges- it’s always in a Liter bottle with a screw cap because it makes it easier to share!

Tasting Notes: This is the ultimate picnic or barbecue wine! Juicy and fruit forward there are notes of green apple, strawberries, raspberry and dried apricot. It is fresh and way too easy to drink, so it’s a really good thing the 1L bottle has a little extra wine!

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