Stobi Rkatsiteli 2019: Tikveš, Macedonia

Grapes: Rkatsiteli

Region/History Notes: Rkatsiteli (pronounced ruh-CAT-si-tell-ee) is native to Georgia where it is one of the most ancient grape viarieties and is still the most widely planted. Some writers even suggest this was the variety of vine planted by Noah after the great flood! The gapes can reach high levels of sugar when fully ripened but maintain their acidity- perfect conditions for quality and flavorful wine! While traditional winemaking styles vinified the wine on its skins in clay pots creating a deep amber colored, wine, modern styles like this example keep the wine fresh, fruit-forward, and bright.

Tasting Notes: I honestly just need more in my glass- it is so delicious and flavorful while being so refreshing at the same time! Loads of spring floral notes, with citrus peel, peach pits, green melon, and papaya, this will definitely be my go-to white for Spring and Summer. Now I just need guacamole!

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