Raza Vinho Verde 2019: Minho, Portugal

Grapes: Arinto, Azal, Trajadura

Region/History Notes: Did you know that Vinho Verde (the “h” is silent) is a region, not just a style? Located in the North-East corner of Portugal along the Spanish border in the cool climate, high elevation vineyards of the Minho region, the rainy weather, and granitic soils provide quite an interesting terroir for vines. Vinho Verde became synonymous in the US with a slightly spritzy, slightly sweet, very low alcohol content wine that was almost like a wine cooler. But there are lots of styles of wines from the region including some pretty serious wines. While this wine has the tell-tale spritz, it is fermented all the way dry so the wine is 11.5% abv. It is a slightly more serious wine but still meant to be fun, fruity, and perfect for warm weather!

Tasting Notes: Green apple Jolly Ranchers, and more green apple notes, and top it all off with key limes and green melon, the wine couldn’t be more refreshing if it tried! If this isn't the perfect taco wine, I don't know what is. Serve super chilled and make sure you have a second bottle already on ice since you're sure to need it.

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