Rasa Vineyards “The Composer” Dry Riesling: Columbia Valley, Washington

Grapes: Riesling (dry)

Region/History/Producer Notes: All Riesling is dry, unless it’s not! That’s an odd saying we have in the wine world to highlight the fact that most Rieslings are dry, it’s just that so many sweet Rieslings have been exported to and marketed in the US specifically. So our understanding of Riesling is quite different than the rest of the world’s! Think you don’t like Riesling because it is sweet? Maybe you just haven’t tried the right dry one yet! Rasa does not make bad wine, so you know you can count on their Riesling to be great. Only 140 cases produced so drink it while you can!

Tasting Notes: Bold and bright aromatics jump from the glass: peach rings, pineapple core, and asian pear notes with floral notes and lemon zest. While many dry Rieslings are crisp to the point of being abrasive, this wine is softer and rounder on the finish. Pair with Thai food, chicken teriyaki, or sweet and sour pork.