Prisma Rosé 2020: Casablanca Valley, Chile

Grape: Pinot Noir

Region/History Notes: Chile is producing some fabulous wine these days and the prices are not increasing the way the rest of the world’s prices are. Casablanca Valley is a cooler climate region known mostly for its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc but Pinot Noir grows quite nicely here too. Sandy soils mean great drainage and is one of the reasons the destructive louse, phylloxera has never made it to Chile, so all the vines are ungrafted and on original rootstock! Prisma was my #1 selling rosé last year but I think this vintage is even better!

Tasting Notes: Tastes just like strawberry wafer cookies with a little juicy watermelon fruit in there too, the wine is just lip-making good. Pair with seafood, sushi, Mexican food, chips & dip, or throw the bottle in a cooler and take it to the beach!

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