Petraio Primitivo 2019: Puglia, Italy

Grape: Primitivo

Region/History Notes: Primitivo is the Italian name for a grape that is actually native to Croatia where it is called Tribidrag. It became much more famous when it found its home in California where it is known as Zinfandel. 3 names for one grape and 3 very different styles! I have only had a couple Tribidrags my whole life but I have had plenty of Primitivo and Zinfandel. While Zins have a reputation for being jammy, peppery, smoky, spicy reds that can knock your socks off, Primitivo is known for being more mild and herbaceous but with all the same red and black brambly fruit, and a smoky/spicy finish.

Tasting Notes: Such a pleasant wine and a killer value! Juicy strawberries and black plums, smoked herbs, and black pepper. Serve with bolognese pasta dishes or make it your go-to pizza wine!


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