Mastroberardino "Mastro" Greco 2018: Campania, Italy

Grape: Greco

Region/History Notes: Mastroberardino is one of the oldest continuing producers in all of Italy and certainly one of the most important and renowned in all of Campania. Located on the Western Mediterranean coast of Italy, Campania is home to Naples and the infamous Mt. Vesuvius so it has quite the unique terroir with volcanic soils and Mediterranean climate. Greco is one of the most important white grapes grown in the region and they are quite delightfully versatile food-pairing wines

Tasting Notes: A perfumed nose and weightier texture to this wine might lead you to believe there is some sweetness, but it’s just the ripeness of fruit. The melon and tangerine notes will play perfectly with spicier dishes and don’t just think seafood (though bacon-wrapped scallops or grilled octopus would be perfect), pulled pork dishes, or sriracha mac ’n cheese will be great!

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