Markou Vineyards Savatiano 2018: Attiki, Greece

Grapes: Savatiano

Region/History/Producer Notes: You might have heard of or tried Greece’s famous Retsina wine before without knowing you were trying the Savatiano grape (pronounced sah-vah-tee-AH-no). The grape grows well in the hot and dry vineyards of Attiki (or Attica) and is drought resistant- a big bonus here! Retsina is the style of wine made in Greece for centuries. Traditionally, pine resin was used to seal the amphorae for wine storage. When airtight barrels became more popular the locals had developed an appreciation of the resin flavors in their wine so winemakers added the pine resin to the grape must during the winemaking process to keep those flavor profiles. Sadly, Greek wine has been marketed primarily with this style of wine for far too long. Let’s just say that Retsina is an acquired taste! There are so many other delightful styles of wines in Greece- red, white, rosé, bubbles, and dessert wines galore! Retsina is a tiny portion of the wine they make, and Savatiano is made into lovely dry white wines without the addition of pine resin. If you like Retsina, by all means, keep drinking it; but if not, don’t be afraid to try Greek wine or the Savatiano grape- it’s not all Retsina!

Tasting Notes: Lime zest, melon rind, white peaches, and honeydew melon notes abound with white floral aromatics and a richer mouthfeel. Perfect Fall white wine to drink with a cheese board and your favorite conversation partner.