Luigi Giordano Rosato 2019: Piedmont, Italy

Grape: Nebbiolo

Region/History Notes: Piedmont is known for several grapes and wine styles but Nebbiolo is the king of all the grapes! Nebbiolo is known for its power, intensity, and also floral characteristics. The red versions of Nebbiolo are phenomenal, and the few examples of Nebbiolo rosé are delightful as well. Luigi Giordano is a 4th generation winemaker who runs the winery with his two daughters in the heart of Piedmont. 

Tasting Notes: While some rosés are known for being tuity-fruity, I love Italian rosés (called Rosato) for their savory flavor profiles, bright acidity and food-pairing qualities. Green strawberries, melon, peach flavors with hints of fresh herbs like tarragon and sage. Pair with pasta primavera, or baked goat cheese with roasted garlic, or a pile of cheese and charcuterie.

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