Lonardo Irpinia Aglianico 2016: Campania, Italy

Grapes: Aglianico

Region/History Notes: Campania, Italy is home to Naples and the destructive volcano, Mt. Vesuvius. As a result of the volcanoes eruptions, volcanic ash and hardened lava are predominant in all vineyard soils. Aglianico (pronounced ah-lee-AH-nee-co, silent G) grows amazingly in these volcanic soils and can be an incredibly long-lived wine! Some of the vines throughout the 8 hectare estate of Lonardo were planted in the 1850’s, the volcanic soils helps prevent phylloxera from destroying the vines. 

Tasting Notes: Talk about some spice! This grape is known for being high acid, high tannins, with rich dark fruit but in a very masculine way. Perfect with braised meats, stews, or your classic steak but definitely with some red meat or at least heavy mushrooms and rich sauces if you’re eating vegetarian, just avoid spicy food.

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