Laura Lorenzo “Tabernario” Mencía blend 2018: Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain

Grapes: Mencía/Alicante Bouschet

Region/History Notes: Have you heard me talk about 3 of my favorite things: 1) Galicia, Spain 2) Laura Lorenzo 3) Mencía. This is all 3 in one beautiful bottle. Unfortunately, this was an awful vintage and she almost lost all her fruit, so instead of making 3 separate labels, she compiled all the fruit and just made this label- which shows not even a hint of the difficulties of the vintage. Always organic and uninterventionalist, Laura Lorenzo makes incredible wine. Not only that, she is a badass and has helped save some local varieties from going extinct. Ribeiro is on the map in a bigger way thanks to her!

Tasting Notes: A deeper, plummier expression of Mencía because of the Alicante, it is rich and nuanced but lighter bodied and sultry. This is a wine that requires thought & abandonment all at once. Pair with any pork, brisket, tacos, sandwiches, roast, BBQ, or just bacon!