Hild Elbling Sekt Non-Vintage: Mosel, Germany

Grape: Elbling

Region/History Notes: Elbling is one of Germany’s most ancient grape varieties and while it used to be more esteemed, it is now grown more for blending into table wine. Yet a few producers are showing that the grape is capable of much more than that. While not as acidic as the iconic Riesling, and therefore not as age-worthy, Elbling is bright, fresh, and youthful. “Sekt” is the German/Austrian term for sparkling wine, similar to “Cava” for Spain.

Tasting Notes: It tastes like orange-flavored sweet-tarts (but not sweet) and keeps you going back for more after each sip. This is one wine I like to keep around for all occasions. Pair with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or nothing at all.