Herdade de Gâmbia Tinto 2018: Peninsulade Setúbal, Portugal

Grapes: Touriga Nacional/ Syrah/ Aragonês (AKA Tempranillo)

Region/History Notes: While Portugal is mostly known for its fortified dessert wines, the last 20 years has shown a decrease in demand for these sweet styles so more of their dry reds are coming into the market everyday. Looking for that “big/bold/smooth/rich” red wine but tired of paying California pricing? Portuguese dry reds are where it’s at! The Setúbal Peninsula is on the southern coast of Portugal and is a nature preserve. The winery takes extreme care to protect the native flora and fauna.

Tasting Notes: Rich, full-bodied and dark fruits are not in short order on this wine! The Tempranillo and Syrah bring black pepper and a leathery texture to the wine. Pair with beef wellington, smoked brisket, or firm cheeses with pepper/plum jam.


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