Gambino Cuvée Brut: Italy

Grapes: Glera

Region/History Notes: Prosecco is sparkling wine made from the Glera grape in this area of Italy: Treviso, Veneto. Instead of the Champagne Method (a secondary fermentation in the bottle to capture the bubbles), Prosecco is made by Charmat Method where carbon dioxide is injected into large vats of wine. This style gives Prosecco its famous softer bubble structure- like dancing fairies across your mouth instead of exploding cannonballs of CO2. While this wine is made from 100% Glera and is from the area of Treviso, it is declassified from Prosecco to just "sparkling wine" to allow them a little more flexibility in winemaking. Great news for us because we get a better deal on a wine that is delicious!

Tasting Notes: Well, I opened the bottle to taste and write my review... 30 minutes later, the bottle is almost empty and I wasn't sharing! Absolutely quaffable bubbles meant for easy Sunday mornings and poolside sipping. Bright fruit and silky bubble structure, just buy a case because you'll need more than a bottle.

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