Folk Machine “White Light” Blend 2019: California

Grapes: Tocai Friulano/Riesling/Verdelho

Region/History/Producer Notes: HOBO Wine Co. has a collection of wines produced under the name “Folk Machine” focusing on esoteric, off-the-beaten-path grapes from a collection of top-notch organically farmed vineyards throughout California. You might have tried the “Parts & Labor” or the “Film & Camera” under this name before. If not, prepare yourself for a treat- there is a whole lot of character packed into these bottles but all with clean lines and simple elegance that makes them shine.

Tasting Notes: What an interesting and compelling blend! The Tocai Friulano (AKA Sauvignonasse in France and Friulano in Italy) gives such delightful floral notes to the wine, the Riesling adds the acidity, structure, and citrus to the wine, and the Verdelho added the rich, yellow and orange fruits. Certainly caught my attention and more people need to be experimenting with this type of blend! Yellow melon and star fruit with lemon oil and white flowers woven throughout. Floral fragrances and a creamier, richer mouthfeel without feeling at all weighty or viscous. It is fruit-forward enough to make you think it might be sweet when you first smell, but it’s bone dry and finishes so cleanly. Pair with chicken, turkey, vegetarian fare, mild curry, or shrimp scampi.