Finca la Escarcha "Entrelineas" Viognier 2019: Tupungato, Argentina

Grapes: Viognier

Region/History Notes: Viognier is not my go-to white grape varietal because it can often be unbalanced in its floral notes and can lack the acidity to keep the wine from being cloying. But the high elevation vineyards in Tupungato and the careful cultivation and winemaking practices at Finca la Escarcha prove that Viognier can be done well and not cost a fortune when it is! “Entrelineas” translates to “between the lines” and refrences their style of winemaking: nuanced wines instead of overly obvious wines, wines with depth and character that speak on a deeper level.

Tasting Notes: Gorgeous apple and pear notes with ripe pineapple, mango, melon notes and some green banana flavors. The French oak influence is sprinkled throughout the wine in a lovely way that adds depth and nuance. Pair with creamy pasta dishes, maybe even with a little cajun spice just not over the top spice since the oak with enhance the spice flavors.

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