Fableist “The Fox and the Stork” Albariño 2019: Central Coast, California

Grapes: Albariño

Region/History/Producer Notes: Andrew Jones does it again! I can’t get enough of his wines. You might have tried the Wonderwall Pinot Noir, the Fableist Cabernet, or the Field Recordings Pet Nat; but here he comes in with a Spanish varietal, Albariño, and strikes gold. Albariño is a thick-skinned grape variety with small berries so there is an interesting juice-to-skin ratio for the berries. Many berries have to be used to create the best versions of the grape so the flavors can be quite intense. Albariño is native to Galicia, Spain, and can be made in two different styles: crisp/lean/bright/mineral and tropical/banana/guava/floral. This particular wine sits perfectly in the middle of the two styles and is the ultimate late Summer white wine.

Tasting Notes: Juicy guava and white flowers but with a bright citrus core and a hint of creaminess to the finish. Nectarines (or what I call, orange plums) and white peaches are layered in piling fruit on top of fruit on top of fruit. BUT, the crisp acidity and lean minerality ensure that the wine is not just a fruit-bomb. Your taco wine is served! Also great with char-grilled chicken, smoked salmon, or olive tapenade- just think smoky and salty!