Delecheneau “Tournage Riant” Rosé 2019: Loire Valley, France

Grape: Malbec/Gamay/Groulleau/Cabernet Franc

Region/History Notes: The Loire Valley is vast in the land that it covers and the styles of wines coming from the many sub-regions. Malbec actually grows prolifically here but is called “Côt”. Many other local grapes, like Grolleau, are grown and often blended into some of the most charming wines of France. Touraine is one of the larger sub-regions and is just inland from the Atlantic Coast. Rosés from Loire can range from austere and lean to rich and round. This is the latter and is a perfect Fall rosé!

Tasting Notes: Candied strawberries with orange peel, tangerine, and white plums. The floral bouquet is elegant and the wine is silky smooth. Richer mouthfeel and creamy finish, it’s the perfect sandwich wine: think tuna melts with 3 year aged cheddar cheese. Also would be a fabulous rosé to serve with Thanksgiving!