Château du Varennes Beaujolais-Villages 2018: Burgundy, France

Grapes: Gamay

Region/History Notes: Beaujolais (pronounced BO-jah-lay, not BOO-jah-lay) is the southernmost region in Burgundy, France but instead of the red wines focusing on Pinot Noir, they focus on Gamay, a hybrid grape of Pinot Noir. There are 10 villages or “Crus” that produce the best Gamay in the region and each has a different terroir. Beaujolais-Villages is a step up in quality from regular Beaujolais, but without needing to claim a specific village and follow their regulations. This wine is one of the best value Beaujolais that I have found yet!

Tasting Notes: Bright, zesty, and way too easy to drink. Pink fruits with just a hint of earthiness. The wine is soft and smooth but still interesting. You can pour it for just about everyone (just drink the whole bottle by yourself) and pairs fabulously with baked brie and roasted nuts.


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