Bodegas Barbadillo Castillo de San Diego Palomino Fina 2019: Cádiz, Spain

Grapes: Palomino

Region/History Notes: Bodegas Barbadillo is a historic winery and a leading producer  for Sherry. They have been around since the 1820's and have cultivated quite the global reputation for quality wines. Cádiz is situated right in the Andalucía region of Southern Spain that is known for its sandy soils and warm climate. Palomino is considered a neutral grape, so it's perfect to build into fortified sherry's, when made as a still wine, it can be the perfect vessel to bring out flavors of your foods, especially seafood.

Tasting Notes: Palomino is the grape that is made into 99% of all Sherrys but this isn't made like Sherry at all. Instead the wine is made like a typical still white wine and is so unique! I absolutely love the salty, zesty, vibrant personality of this wine! Pair with oysters, crab dip, po-boy sandwiches or just a plate of Manchego cheese.

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