Bonfanti Malbec Joven 2020: Mendoza, Argentina

Grapes: Malbec

Region/History Notes: High elevation vineyards bring out deep coloring, strong tannins, and concentrated fruit in the vines. Excellent drainage and lots of sunlight have helped to create the perfect terroir for this bold wine. Because of this, Malbec has succeeded in Mendoza, in a way it never did in its home of France. “Joven” means “young” in Spanish and is usually put on bottle labels that have little to no oak aging. This wine is unbaked and thus has a fresher taste and is perfect for summertime drinking!

Tasting Notes: Super deep extraction with deep purple coloring, the nose is bold with blackberries, smoke, pepper, and leathery/earthy undertones. This is not a soft and shy wine but neither is it overblown- it has great balance and structure and is the perfect Malbec to accompany your burgers, steaks, BBQ, or pair with dark chocolate.

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