Bojador Vinho de Talha 2019: Alentejo, Portugal

Grapes: Trincadeira/Moreto/Tinta Grossa

Region/History Notes: While Portugal is known more for their fortified wines “Ports” more than anything else, their dry reds, whites, and rosés are gaining popularity around the world. With hundreds of indigenous grape varieties not grown anywhere else, there is always something new to try. This blend of 3 red grapes is organically grown, hand-harvested, and aged in large amphora (AKA Talha or Terracotta) pots. Instead of a top to seal the pot and prevent oxidation, a layer of olive oil is poured on top (it rises to the top) to “seal” the wine. An ancient practice coming back in style. 

Tasting Notes: Bright fuchsia coloring, loads of black and white pepper with pencil shaving minerality but light, fresh and vibrant on the palate. Best pizza wine- especially mushroom & goat cheese pizza!

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