Bodegas Bhilar "Lágrimas de Bhilar" Rosado 2020: Navarra, Spain

Grape: Garnacha (Grenache)

Region/History Notes: This bidodyanimic producer in Rioja is quickly becoming my favorited Rioja winery! (Tune in to my YouTube video about biodynamics if you want more information). While most of their wines are Tempranillo based wines from Rioja, this Garanacha Rosado (Spanish term for Rosé is Rosado and Garnacha is the Spanish name for Grenache) is from Navarra, just north of Rioja in lower lying terrain that is much warmer and Mediterranean in climate. 

Tasting Notes: Many Spanish Rosados are über rich and extracted and almost sweet in style but Bodegas Bhilar has literally never made a wine that tasted like what I expected when I opened the bottle, and this is certainly no exception! More savory and citrus in style, it is so refreshing and lifted in personality! Pair with summer salads and vegetable stir-fry dishes with rice pilaf.

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