Antech Blanquette de Limoux Brut Nature: Languedoc, France

Grapes: Mauzac/Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc

Region/History Notes: Limoux, a small, cool-climate outcropping in Languedoc was actually the first to accidentally discover sparkling wine- even before the region of Champagne who ultimately mastered the style of wine. “Crémant” is a term used for sparkling wine made in France, not Champagne but made in the same style and method. There are plenty of “Crémant de Limoux available, but wines called “Blanquette de Limoux” like this bottle, use the local grape Mazauc as the base grape instead of Chardonnay as is the base grape for Crémant de Limoux.

Tasting Notes: Decidedly soft bubbles with a bright citrus flavor, this wine is silky and refreshing. While “Brut Nature” implies zero dosage or added sugar to the final product, the fruit is ripe enough that the wine is not austere in its dryness. Pair with cucumber/watermelon/feta salad, with turkey paninis, or with eggs benedict.

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