Alkoomi Rosé 2020: Frankland River, Australia

Grapes: Petit Verdot/Shiraz/Grenache/Tempranillo/Malbec

Region/History Notes: While most of the Australian wine we drink is from South Australia, the cooler climates of Western Australia have some incredible wine that needs more recognition!  2020 for Western Australia was extremely dry which resulted in a dramatic decrease in the yield (amount of grapes produced by the vine). But the grapes that did develop were just that much more concentrated in flavor and it shows in this wine! 

Tasting Notes: Anyone who says “nothing good came out of 2020” hasn’t tried this wine- So delicious!! Perfect blend of mouthwateringly juicy pink fruits (think pink starbursts) with bright citrus notes, vibrant acidity, perfect mouthfeel with just a hint of chalky minerality, and a delightful pop of spice at the end. Can’t get enough of this wine, it will be a staple all summer long!

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