Alfredo Maestro “Perdigón” Pet Nat Non-Vintage: Spain

Grapes: Pinot Noir/Garnacha Tintorera

Region/History Notes: Pétillant Naturel (AKA Pét-Nat) is a style of sparkling wine made from just 1 single fermentation instead of the usual 2 fermentations for “Champagne Method” sparkling wines. Grape juice goes into the bottle with yeast. The yeast eats the sugar of the juice and the byproduct is alcohol and carbon dioxide. The CO2 without a place to escape, becomes dissolved in the wine, creating those bubbles when it’s opened. Softer bubbles than other sparkling wines, and always unfilterd, Pét-Nat is also usually sealed with a beer cap- this one has red wax on the top too. Alfredo Maestro is making unique wines throughout Spain- keep a lookout for him!

Tasting Notes: Super soft bubbles with delicate white flowers, brown pear skins, and a hint of funky wild apples. Perfect with fried chicken, or a pile of cheese and charcuterie.