130 Granby St., Suite 100, Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 904-1220

Meet the Maker: Marc Hochar of Château Musar

$69/person; Monthly Wine Subscriber price: $59/person

Thursday, April 28th: 6-8pm

Reservations required, limited seating!


If you look at the top wine lists of iconic restaurants all around the world, you won't find a list that doesn't have Château Musar on it, and you will most likely find some extensive vintage depth. Lebanese wine that rivals the best of Bordeaux, this event will be riveting! I've dreamed of tasting verticals of his wines (multiple vintages tasted side-by-side), but to do so with him guiding the tasting is truly a dream come true!

Château Musar Jeune Rosé 2020: $26 

Château Musar Blanc 1992: $160 

Château Musar Blanc 2012: $80 

Château Musar Rouge 1998: $95 

Château Musar Rouge 2001: $125 

Château Musar Red 2015: $78 

Can't come to the event? You can still purchase these wines with 10% off 4+ bottles and 15% off 8+ bottles Mix&Match. This promotional discount is only available up through through April 28th, so don't hesitate to order. 

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